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Your Item Signed By Micky Dolenz


Due to all of the in person events being canceled this year, many need their Mike and Micky records signed by Micky.

If you would like to have your record signed, this is how you can do it.

All items will be sent directly to Jodi that will be sent to Micky at one time. 

In time for the holidays!!

This offer will be only open from September 2 to October 2.

All records must be recieved by then. All records will be resent to you by Thanksgiving.

This is a very limited offer.

Once you purchase, I will contact you with the shipping information.

I hope this helps complete you M&M show signatures.

We are doing our best to help.

(This obviously does not include the record as you are providing it and this is for MICKY only)

A portion of the proceeds will go to Micky's favorite charity Make a Wish.


do you want the photo personalized? if so to who?

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