Monkee Inspired Store

Plus, Official Micky Dolenz Swag from a Collaboration of Minds

How it works, find what you like and send me an email directly to figure out proper tax and shipping nationally or internationally. 
Everything shown are one off's and never to be ordered again. 
Email to [email protected]

Daydream Believer Bracelet or Anklet. 
Made of Stainless Steel and Rose Gold.
Was $25.00
Now $15.00
Plus, Shipping

Set of 4 10 Oz color changing mugs. All appear black until water is added and Micky is on full display. Limited Edition and Limited Quantities.
All 4 $50.00 plus shipping

Limited Edition Micky Dolenz Bobble Head
Signed or Unsigned
Signed $100.00
Unsigned $60.00
Plus, Shipping

Limited Edition
Micky Ornament.
This is ONE glass ornament that has 4 different sides.
$25 plus shipping

Limited Edition Nez Inspired Wine Stopper
$10 plus shipping

Looking for the Good Times 8-inch pouch.
$5.00 plus shipping

Angle Band Acrylic Pin
$8.00 plus shipping

Micky Dolenz Beach Towel
was $30 
now $15 plus shipping

Hats Off To Nez
Acrylic Pin
$8.00 plus shipping

Set of 4 I am the 5th Monkee Pens
$10.00 plus shipping

Limited Edition
Micky Dolenz Acrylic Pin
$8.00 plus shipping

Through the Looking Glasses Eye Glass Cleaner.
Set of 2
$5.00 plus shipping

Monkees License Plate
$10.00 plus shipping

Infinite Tuesday
Out of Print Hard Back
$40 plus shipping

Kiss The Cook
Was $30.00
Now $12.00 plus shipping

Limited Edition
70 years of Micky's 100-piece puzzle
Was $30
Now $15.00
Plus, shipping

Micky Dolenz Signature Lanyard
Plus, shipping

Here We Come, Walking Down the Street Lanyard
$10.00 Plus shipping

Take a Giant Step Outside Your Mind Stainless Steel 18-inch adjustable necklace with heart charm.

Monkees Rose Gold, Stainless Steel bracelet
$10 plus shipping

Set of 8x10 lyric prints great for framing. 
Lyrics include Listen to the Band, Daydream Believer, Goin Down and For Pete's Sake. 
Printed on White Shimmer Stock Paper.
Was $23 
Now $13
Plus, shipping

Love is Understanding 
18 inch Adjustable Necklace
Stainless Steel.
Silver or Gold overlay
$20 plus shipping