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Virtual Celebrity Meet and Greets

It does look like 2020 is going to be a difficult year for celebrities to meet their fans and for fans to meet their favorite celebrities. Cameo is a great platform for a celebrity message and is a wonderful gift between loved ones.

There is something that is missing from a “shout out” and that is the personal interaction that the fan gets when meeting their idols.

Comic Cons have been wonderful for this type of opportunity but that are certainly going to be issues with large gatherings for quite some time.

I have been working for Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith of The Monkees for over 6 years now doing all their appearances and I produce their special events like Celebrity Karaoke. I know what this means to the fans and I know the kind of money it can bring into a celebrity.

I believe I have a solution. A solution not only to try and fill that void for fans but a way to fill that void in the celebrity’s income.

Virtual Celebrity Meet and Greets.

This would be a way for a similar interaction to happen like that of a meet and greet at a comic con in a safe environment because everyone’s home.

Unlike that of Cameo, this is live and not recorded. This is not a “shout out” this is interacting with a fan while signing an 8x10 and personalizing it for them. This could have different income levels depending on how long a fan would like to meet you for.  We can offer different time intervals.  I believe the financial opportunity is a completely new addition.

You pick the length of time and you pick the cost. I do the marketing, correspondence, time management and execution of the meeting.

Through social media, I plan to go directly to YOUR audience and present this opportunity.

This will also allow those who cannot travel, those who suffer physical restrictions and other personal limitations the opportunity to say they met their favorite celebrity.

I do believe another big difference between this and Cameo is that this is more geared to someone treating themselves, not just getting a gift for someone else. I would image that many would purchase Cameo for someone else but a meet and greet as both a gift and personal reward.

Each Virtual meeting would be recorded for the attendee plus they get a signed 8x10 that they watched get signed.  There are going to be opportunities to add other merchandise as well for extra fees. Once that video is posted on the fan’s social media pages, this type of interaction will go viral.

Safe, Effective, Easy and Lucrative.

I would work with your schedule to set these up in a designated time frame depending on demand.

I would ask and encourage each celebrity to use their social media sites to promote this along with me.

This is new. This is a work in progress like any business. There is something big here we can do to make people happy while making a living.

I do look forward to the opportunity to working with you.

If you would like more information, please fill in the form below or email me directly at jodilyn1021@msn.com

Jodi Blau Ritzen